How This Freelancer Makes And Invest Money From Home

How This Freelancer Makes And Invest Money From Home

The mindset of people is changing about money. It used to be believed that public talk about money is not good. But now, those people who want financial freedom in their life, pay for seminars so they can be part of money related conversations.

As time has brought various changes in our world, the ways to make money have been taking a new route. People are making millions of dollars from home and traveling around the world to live the life in their desired way. In today’s generation, going to work for others is outdated.

Even the multiple billion dollar companies recommend their staff to work from home. How cool is that?

There are numerous opportunities to make money from home and anyone can leverage the internet.

We are often using the internet in a plain way. We watch videos, look at pictures and listen to music. But the internet can do more than that. The biggest companies of the world totally rely on the power of the internet.

Here’s how I am Freelancing from home and making money:

I am the founder of the media company “MANIEST POST” and it runs online. I can work from any part of the world and educate people about financial freedom. I also own two other magazines called “Think 7 Figures” and “ Thrive Insider”.

The reason I own multiple magazines is because I am replicating the process of making money. This has helped me to make money autopilot doing less work.

You might be wondering how Manifest Post makes money?

Manifest post is one of the international media companies, with mostly readers from the USA. Because of this companies are interested to invest their money to promote their content on this site. For most of our clients, they are happy to pay $300 to $500 per post on our site.

Doing this the brand gets publicity and attracts new clients. 

Sponsored post is one of the best ways for making money as a blogger or media company owner. If you want to make money this year, you need to start your own site where you can promote brands related to your niche. Let me tell you that some brands are even willing to pay $5000 to $10000 for a sponsored post ( Depending on your audience size).

How do my other sites make money?

Think 7 Figures mostly makes money with the Google Adsense and Thrive Insider as a social media brand. Every month we help entrepreneurs to promote their stories and get visibility online. Think 7 Figures and Thrive Insider is actively promoting business coaches or startup stories, and we charge a fee for it.

There are various ways a blog makes money. First you need to treat it as a business and build an authority. Doing so, the blog becomes a media brand and attracts clients.

What do I invest my earning on?

Growing my site is one of the most important investments I made. The more popular the site gets, the more will be the charge for promotion.

Another investment I make is creating more sites. Once a site starts to generate a good amount of money, I sell the business to interested individuals. This helps the buyer to start earning directly rather than building the site or the company.

Recently I sold one of my sites for $5000.

There are people selling their website at the cost of millions. Making proper investment and growing the website/blog to the international level, can help you to make tons of money this year.

If you don’t have a blog yet and want to make money being location independent. Message me, I will help you to start a site like Manifest Post and guide you through the process.