Ice and Snow
Poetry, Spirituality, WellBeing

Frozen Falls

Snowflakes are created when one single droplet of water contacts the perfect natural atmospheric conditions, designing nature’s most symmetrically, beautiful and unique creations known to man. The snowflake is formed with one sole purpose–and that is to be a snowflake. Once the snowflake is released from the comfort of its cloud, the flake quickly gets caught in the winds of change on its descent to the reality of its ultimate destiny.  

The fragile flake pushed through a current in time, forced to realize connections morphed in the turbulence of absolute moments that shape the flake. Devoid of thoughts and feelings, the gentle snowflake reveals no fear in the grasp of the storm, but reflects all of nature’s offerings through a prism of light which illuminates the purpose of our journey. 


We, like the snowflake, fade into our own mystifying path filled with majestic, complex conditions, specific to the eternity of our existence. Woven in the frozen moments in time in which we capture spiritual awareness, learning to deal with the limitations, opening the portal to embrace the essence of time distortion through our minds eye. Creating opportunities to bask in the wealth of joy, if for only a moment, that speeds up time to the slowed future of hardships we face along the way. These promising destinations present sensory overloads to our physical being, closing the ability to see past the now and beyond our future. Hoping to find the uniqueness beyond the institutionalized self we accept as our particular reality, to find the strength to break free from the constraints we hold for our own irreversible failure of our physical form. Trying to freeze time in our own reality to change the inevitable fact that our existence is limited. We can see the refracted light through the snowflake to help reveal our exclusive connection to the universe through enlightenment that changes the sands of time along our journey. Limitations morphed into boundless progression of thought, to exist beyond our conditioned being without prejudice or disillusions of our existence to recalibrate the good intentions of our external self.


The soulless snowflake lets us evolve thought to the everlasting reincarnation of existence beyond our physical time. Visualizing the roots we lay when we surpass the surface thoughts, to feel the eternal profound impact we have on the atmosphere around us. The snowflake freezes just to fall through time to its inevitable destiny, knowing its forever impact on the universe. When we can concede our physical restrictions, we can extend beyond our beings to connect through levels of our spirit and stake a claim in our own forever impact. 

Melt away your mindless restrictions to help the universe grow, and with all the possibilities life offers, even become a snowflake again.