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Why do we look in the mirror?  We look to see what our exterior is presenting to the world at any given moment.  No matter how unique we may feel, we look to see how presentable we are as much for ourselves as for the social expectations of the paths we choose.  That reflection we see in the mirror is what we use to enhance our appearance with a pinch, a tuck to cover, or uncover to feel better about our presentation.  No matter what tweak we make to our physical self, we need to balance our inner energy with the same reflection.

Self-reflection allows us to analyze the everyday interactions we have to extract value from life’s experiences as a whole.  It is an ability to interpret from all angles and levels beyond what the surface may show.  Under the surface is where our true energy is present, beating like a large inner bass drum feeding our rhythm through our motions.  Inner impulses lead us to strong connections rooted below the surface making it possible to physically manifest tangible relationships with everyone and everything around us.

Self-reflection evaluates the vulnerability of human nature to empathize with the struggles of the universe abound.  How far we sink our roots in is how much we will extract from our most intimate experiences.  By truly assessing the intentions of investments we made, we can determine what may need to be expendable and what becomes a necessity.

Reflection equals a grateful appreciation for the transformational power held within to balance our own energies.  Vital energy restoration techniques can be honed to attract what fulfills us in life while shedding the unconscious actions that surround us.

Awakening your inner connections to join with the physical through real reflection helps understand the tiniest gestures may have a profound impact and positively change someone forever.

Reflect your past into a brighter future.