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What is manifestation?

What exactly is manifestation?

Let’s explore this.  I think of manifestation as a mindset: it’s difficult to do if you’re not aligned with it.  “Well then, how do I align with it?”,  you may be asking.

Manifestation starts with gratitude.

Why? Because you have to understand how you would feel having what you desire in order to become aligned.  For example, let’s pretend you want a new phone.  If you think about how it would feel to have that new phone, you realize you are grateful.  Simply thinking “I really wish I had a new phone” isn’t going to help you make progress.  What does help you make progress toward your goal is thinking “I am so grateful for the new phone I will soon have”. In this way, you start to align your thoughts with your expectations. You are, in a sense, preparing yourself to accept this gift. Feeling that future state and not only acknowledging it but having gratitude for it, you become more confident of the outcome.  When you become confident of the outcome, you are in your best position to focus on the actions to get there.  I’ve heard it said, where focus goes, energy flows.  This is exactly how to prime your thoughts in alignment with the outcome.

“OK, I’m aligned. Now what?”

Let’s stay with the example of the new phone.  You feel the gratitude. You know that this desired outcome (a new phone) is coming to you. There are no doubts in your mind.  You can clearly see the future with this new device.  Perfect!  Be sure to stay in that space. Now, with an open heart, start to realize all the positive ways you can get from here to therethat future place where the new phone is indeed yours.  You will find that your mind opens to the possibilities.  Many positive potential paths are available for you. When you are absolutely sure of where you are going, the available roads to that certain future begin to reveal themselves.

“How long will this take?”

As you are probably imagining, this practice of alignment, having gratitude, being absolutely certain, and the road from here to there is no small task.  Manifestation doesn’t usually happen overnight.  It takes a lot of practice and work.  There are also many practices that can help move you along on this journey, like visualization, meditation, and others to be sure. But once you can align yourself with the outcome and stay firmly planted there, you will see the future opening its abundant gateways to you.