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Top 5 Manifestation Essentials

Our Top 5 Manifestation Essentials

It’s a New Year, it’s a new start, a time when we typically set intentions for the days and months ahead.  How will you level up and become a better YOU this year? What are your manifestation essentials?

New Year's Goals
How will you keep your goals on track this year?
Did you make resolutions? What can help you meet your goals and make your manifestations effortless?


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Manifestation Must-Haves

I asked myself the same questions and I realized that getting from here to there often requires guidance and support.  That support can come in the form of assistance from others who can help hold you accountable or manifestation tools to keep you on the right track. And sometimes those tools can even provide the inspiration you need to create and grow.
Create and Grow
Create and Grow
As I reflect on what has worked well for me, I’d love to share these manifestation essential items with you in the hopes that some of these may spark creativity, growth, and joy for you and help with manifesting your best life.

If you try and enjoy any of these items please let me know. I love hearing your success stories.

For full transparency, some of these links may be affiliate links, for which your purchase supports this website and helps keep it running.  Thank you ?

Without further delay, here are our Top 5 manifestation essentials:

#1. The Five Minute Journal – $33.99

This is a great starting point and it also happens to be my go-to journal every morning.  Each day has a meaningful quote and each week has a challenge to keep you on your toes – and get you outside of your comfort zone.  Don’t forget – there’s little room for growth when you don’t change up your comfort levels. There’s a “morning” section and an “evening” section to complete each day. It doesn’t take very long (5-8 minutes) and I like this format because it enables me to visualize my day in the morning and reflect on it at night. Sometimes I only have time in the morning.  In these cases I will go back to the night before, fill in that section so that I don’t miss finding where I still have room to grow, then I’ll continue with the current day’s portion. This journal is worth every penny.  I have found it useful for detecting and eliminating negative patterns that I wouldn’t have otherwise realized without this daily accountability journal.

#2. The “I Can Do It® Calendar: 365 Daily Affirmations” by  Louise L. Hay  – $16.99

I love this little affirmation desk calendar.  I keep it in my bedroom and enjoy changing the page each day to get my early morning dose of positive vibes.  The beautiful pictures and positive affirmations help remind me that each day is a blessing. There’s also a unique summary at the beginning of each month. You CAN do it!

#3. Manifestation journal – “Thoughts become things” – $14.99 USD

This is another neat journal that assists you on your way to manifesting your dreams. It includes synchronous quotes, an intention clarification chart, a vision board, and more. I love the consistency that this journal encourages.  I also love the reminder to drink water!


#4.  “Manifestation Wheel” Neurographic Art Session (with Mary Amini) – $47 USD

This is a very fun and very unique activity if you have the time and money. I attended this class almost a year ago and IT. WAS. AMAZING! Over the course of several hours, Mary guides you through a focused and intentional journey of self-discovery.  The end product? You take away a sense of peace, clarity, AND in the process, you’ve also created a beautiful piece of neurographic art that you can hang on your wall to remind you of where you are headed. Get your markers, pencils, and crayons ready and think big – you don’t want to miss this.


#5. And finally, our very own “Creativity Wall Calendar” – $20 USD

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without us showing off our brand new Creativity Calendar.  That’s right!  We created some beautiful content that we are excited and honored to share with you.  Be inspired by the sublime views and thoughtful subject matter we carefully crafted in this beautiful wall calendar.  All photos are our own photography.  Add this manifestation essential to your office, bedroom, or any other space to be creatively inspired or just add a little serenity. We’re also giving you $5.oo off! Just use code: “desire” at checkout to save. You’ll get our professional quality calendar for only $15.  And… your purchase supports the ongoing function of this site.


#6. Our “Choose Your Own Path” Wall Calendar – $20 USD

I know, I said Top Five, but I wanted to take this opportunity to also show off our “Choose Your Own Path” wall calendar.  This is another quality in-house creation that we wanted to share.  The wall calendar consists of 12 months of inspirational and thought-provoking paths that represent changes from month to month.  We’re also giving you $5.oo off! Just use code: “desire” at checkout to save.  It’s our gift to you for supporting us. Pay only $15.00 with this code.


I truly hope you enjoy these tools.  Please let us know if you have had success with any of them.  If you have any of your own tools to recommend, we would love to hear about them! In fact, I’m so excited to hear from you that I would like to offer a free Creativity Wall Calendar to the first five people who subscribe or leave a valid manifestation essential recommendation in the “Let’s Talk” section below.

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