How music helped me to start my own business

It is such a big step! No, I don´t mean the step you have to take to enter a bus. I am talking about starting your own business!

People all around the world share their experiences, promote and motivate others to start their dream business. Many individuals of our society are caught in a 9 to 5 job and don´t feel happy about it. They read about all the entrepreneurs who started their own businesses. 

Most of them say that you just have to get started and everything will run from this point. 

I always had an idea to start my own business, but I actually never thought to do it. I was ok with the fact that it will just exist in my mind. Well, I was just ok for a while. The idea came up again, the dream of being my own boss and running a business about what I am passionate about got me. I knew that it is always risky because there are so many unexpected things that can happen. 

People have different strategies to get started, hiring a professional, preparing every detail, having a mentor, and much more.

For me, I realized that I have to prepare my mind because my mind is the biggest obstacle. What did I do?

I used the power of music for my mind. I started to actively listen to music I like. It became a ritual. Other people might meditate or exercise. I downloaded Spotify where I had access to every type of music from countless producers like Benjy Grinberg !

How did it help me to start my own business? It made my mind stronger, happier, and motivated, so I could get started with running my own business.

I am more focused

While I have to work on difficult subjects, I listen to certain music that helps me to be focused and not getting distracted by other sounds. I have the feeling that listening to music can increase your brain function, at least that is what I tell myself and I can focus and concentrate pretty easily.

I became motivated

Sometimes we have the feeling where we just don´t want to do anything. Everything is exhausting, boring, or not interesting. Well, again music! When I started to listen to music, I became motivated. I cleaned the whole house without even realizing that I usually hated it.

I have a way to distract myself

In our lives so many things are going on, we feel stressed and just rush from one appointment to another obligation. Distracting myself from stress, I just put on my headset and listen to one of my favorite songs. It´s not a lot of time you lose when you listen to a song, and it helps to get a fresh mind and a clear view.

I sleep way better

There are countless playlists that specialize in having a better sleep through the music. I have various songs that help me to relax, calm down from the daily hustle, and get a deep and good sleep. I am physically and mentally more balanced and fit, because of the positive effects of music.