Mental Manifestation For Financial Independence

Mental Manifestation For Financial Independence

A dream which many people keep in their minds is a financially independent life. It does not mean to earn millions of dollars every month. The idea is to have enough money to cover all basic needs for a lifetime without working 15h a day or depending on others.

Sure, people don’t want to make debts but in the same time they mostly don’t have another choice. There are daily expenses which rise more and more and working salaries don’t increase the same way. The average employment salary might barely be enough for covering one´s living expenses.

There are different ways to handle this challenge. There are ways to have a passive income which will help to achieve financial independence. Examples for that are interests from fixed bank deposits, money market account or loan, rental properties, trust deed and dividends from stock. There are different more options which can help to earn money without working 9/5.

Manifest your financial independence!

A subject which is very important in the field of financial independence is the mental manifestation.

The world is talking about manifestation, the law of attraction and the power of thoughts –

What does it actually mean?

To manifest has different definitions. The one which is the most useful in this context is that through believes, thoughts and feeling a certain thing comes or happens in your reality.

There are different ways how you can manifest something. Some people choose meditation, others prefer visualization or will make it come true with their conscious and subconscious. Very important is the step of taking action. Just thinking of something without taking action will not make things come true. Taking action could be to apply for your dream job. Just thinking of it will not help; mentally manifesting and taking action will lead you to get your wanted job.

The basic understanding of manifestation is the law of attraction. Whatever your energy, thoughts and believes are, they will become real and surround you. With negative thoughts, fear and anger you will be filled with negative energy.

So, it is very important to make your mind clear, and bring yourself in a positive mood!

5 simple ways to manifest your financial independence:

  1. Choose manifesting your financial independence and focus on that!

To actually manifest something, we need to fully focus on the idea. We should not try to include good health, happy children and a good relationship in one manifestation. Separating the goals in different manifestations will help us to focus and keep our mind clear!

  • Get rid of things that are blocking your way to achieve financial independence!

One example of a blockade are people who don’t support and always criticize your idea about financial independence. They will stop you and take all your energy. They will tell you to work like a normal person and not to risk anything on crazy ideas for a passive income. Try to keep these people away from you or learn to ignore their parasite behavior on you. Open your way to achieve financial independence.

  • Visualize!

Activate your inner eye to see and feel what financial independence looks like for you. Maybe the first view times you will have to look for a quiet place to not be distracted. The best visualization includes seeing, hearing, smelling and touching. Try to make it as real as possible! Your focus should be on the result and not on how you manifest or achieve it. Try to include as many details as you can and visualize your desire the best you can.

  • Take action!

It is very important to take this step! Take action does not mean to sit in your quiet corner and wait for things to happen. Taking action for being financially independent is to learn different ways how to generate passive income. It also means to actually take steps like investing in property to make an income with rents, to put deposits to get the interest and so on.

  • Recognize, analyze and appreciate!

The last step is to recognize your achievements, analyze the ways you worked, maybe change them and finally appreciate what you did & enjoy the financial independence!

Every decision, every dream and every wish can be achieved with manifesting it! Following the 5 basic steps of manifestation will help you as well for being financially independent, spending quality time with your family and friends without worrying how to pay the next bill.

Manifesting will definitely help you to achieve what you are looking for!