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7 Ways To Generate A Passive Income Online

Working online is booming now! People see a lot of benefits of online work. They can work everywhere, whenever they want and whatever they want. 

A big subject of working online is passive income. Income describes the amount of money you earn so you can fund your day to day life. The active income is the money you directly get for a service or product while passive income means earning money without actively working. Passive income is probably the biggest dream of many people. It will give you financial independence and the freedom to shape your time without depending on a 9-5 job.

We want to show you an overview of 7 ways how to generate passive income online.

Sell an eBook 

Self-publication becomes more and more common. One way to publish is in form of an eBook. You can use websites that will help you to get customers and you can regularly sell and get a passive income.

Create courses

Various websites can help you to create and shape a course so you can sell this on an ongoing basis. Whatever skills you have you can teach others and earn money without working regularly.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a concept that makes it possible that you get a commission from a company whose product or service you market. Here you can automate your passive income.

Start a dropshipping store

Dropshipping allows you to sell products from other companies for a better price. There are various websites which helps you to find the best products to sell with high demand and a high profit.

Run a blog

A very popular and classic way to generate a passive income is running a blog. The variety of blogs are huge. You can write about whatever you like to. Grow your followers and make an income by writing some content from time to time.

Create an app

Do you have an idea for creating an app for a special case? You can implement your plans and make an app that can be sold constantly. Find a niche and create a tool that will help the people and you will earn a passive income.

Invest in stocks

The stock market is a very complex construct but if you have a certain amount of experience and knowledge it is a good way to generate a passive income through investing in stocks. 

We hope to highlight those 7 aspects of how to generate a passive income gave you an idea and overview of some of the many opportunities to make money online.