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How To Make Money From Your Couch

The recent pandemic is a special time for all. Some have to work 15h shifts and some are not allowed to leave their house. Every person has to face different challenges and need to find solutions to make their living. People have reduced working hours, kids who can’t go to school, and bills to pay where there is no money for. 

We want to show you an overview of 9 different ways how you can earn some money from home, so in case you are financially stable, can take care of your kids and still make it through this Pandemic.

Create online courses

If you create courses online, you have a lot of work and preparation once and will get a regular income because your courses will be sold repeatedly. This will be a way how you can generate a passive income. Use your skills, education, or passion and prepare a course that you can sell to your audience. There are pages like Udemy or Teachable which help you to build a course. If you arranged the course with all its details, don’t forget about the marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means that a company pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales made for their products or services. You can find affiliate marketing offers on websites like ClickBank, Rakuten, or LinkShare. Doing Affiliate Marketing requires a certain audience. So, make sure you have this and with some more steps, you can earn some extra money.

Social media manager

The importance of social media grows more & more and the demand for social media managers increases. This might be a good chance for you to work from home with a safe income.

Start a blog

Starting a blog is probably one of the most popular ways to generate money. The variety range is huge, from travel blogs, wellbeing to cooking or online business- you can do everything. Take the first steps now and work from home with a growing audience and content.

Launch an eCommerce site

Nowadays, eCommerce starts to be very important, whether of the pandemic or the world’s general digital development. Selling products online gives you the chance to work from home without hustling from one place to another. Ecommerce works nationally and internationally and it’s booming.

Sell Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is a very popular marketplace to offer any service you can imagine. One example is to write blog-articles, to correct content, manage social media, and much more. Whatever you are good at, you can do it for others via Fiverr and earn good money with it.

Online tutoring

Various companies always look for tutors online. From languages, instruments, or school subjects- they cover everything. You have good chances to do online tutoring on different levels and make some money with it.

Sell products (eBay, Craigslist)

Selling products online is very successful all around the world. The demand for ordering online is huge and people are looking for everything on the web. You can take any niche and sell via various eCommerce like eBay or Craigslist.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is very important now. People want quick help and assistance without taking the car to the next shop. If you have skills in a certain area, this might be a good possibility, because you can assist online and help others to complete their tasks. You can find assistance jobs via Upwork,, or

We hope this overview gave you an idea of what is possible in this modern world. Working online is broadly adaptable. There are different ways how you can make money while sitting home and sitting on your couch.