Jeff Lopes

Jeff Lopes, Business Coach And Founder Of Mans Purpose

Mentors can be an amazing support to build a thriving business or to find balance in work life. In these scenarios what could be more good than getting coached by a person who has more than 25 years of experience being an entrepreneur. Meet Jeff Lopes, Toronto based business coach who has launched a new course: Mans Purpose, a brotherhood for Entrepreneurial Dads. Jeff has helped countless number of entrepreneur dads and assisted them to realize, understand and motivate themselves towards the bigger picture of being a successful family businessman. His new course Mans Purpose is revolutionary and aiming to make an impact on millions of father entrepreneurs all around the world.

Jeff Lopes is one of those entrepreneurs who believe in making an impact rather than starting a money-oriented business. For him, students and the education he has shared via podcasts, newsletters, courses, or books is his net worth. Money can be earned at any time but being able to balance personal, business and family life with awareness is essential. People are getting lost in the corporate world forgetting their responsibilities of being a father, that is why Jeff came up with his new course Mans Purpose.

This membership based platform focuses on the challenges a dad and entrepreneur faces on a daily basis. Jeff teaches tools and methods that help father entrepreneurs to balance their busy work and family life. Aspects like Harmony in family and success in business are discussed and implemented. In the same way, the course creates a safe place where father entrepreneurs can share their experiences and feelings. It is a brotherhood for them!

His book Entrepreneur Dad picks up those aspects and creates a 7 step process to support and strengthen fathers to overcome fears and pressure so they can spend quality time with their family while running a business successfully.

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