What is PKI and its importance to run a business online?

What is PKI and its importance to run a business online?

PKI means Public Key Infrastructure which is an important tool that needs to be utilized to be part of a secure internet. Every day millions and millions of people browse the internet to research and find needed information. Getting the answers from an online website is amazing but in many cases, we also need to purchase products or services to solve our problems. There are many traditional ways to solve a problem like visiting the nearest store and paying in cash for the service provided. But let’s say we require some machinery that is not being found in the local areas. In this case, it’s going to be tough for the buyer to make the purchase, cause he/she does not know if the vendor is legit or a scam. There are millions of websites selling the same thing and most of them might have crappy delivery service which is not trustworthy. Buying delicate things online takes time because the buyer doesn’t want to rush and receive a damaged product or in some scenario never receive it at all.

In the internet world, PKI plays a trusted role in becoming a mediator. When we make purchases from online stores, there is always the hesitation of being scammed. Providing sensitive information like credit card and home details to an unknown company is hard. It always gives us a boost when we know that the company owns digitals certificates that can be trusted. PKI takes care of exactly those certificates. There are certificate authorities that check the two entities of a sale for example. PKI verifies the identity of the business and the buyer to prevent any kind of scam or fake identity. This can be done on single-use or in a process to renew the certificates to guarantee fast multiple uses of the process of verification.

Here’s another great example for you to understand the importance of PKI and certificate automation.

Every year millions of people get hacked or get their computer filled with viruses because of not browsing a secure website. Imagine you have some savings in the bank and you want to access the online banking system so that you can transfer your funds to friends or family. See, having a bank account to save your hard-earned money is not easy. You will research hard to find a legit bank so that you know the money is safe and can withdraw it whenever you desire. While making transactions of any kind you want to be sure that your bank is providing a secure way of payment. That is what managed PKI does. By creating, issuing, and giving certificates they guarantee that.

PKI works using a public key and a private key, and they encrypt and decrypt secure data. Along with public and private keys, there are four more components on PKI; certificate authority, certificate store, certificate revocation list, and hardware security module. If there is any relevant and sensitive information, transaction, or communications, PKI is a tool that will definitely take care of the security and a smooth process.